How can you tell whether you need tuckpointing or brick repair?

Do you know how to identify whether your Michigan house need Tuckpointing and Brick Repair? If your house has a lot of dampness and water is gathering in the walls and foundations, you'll probably require tuckpointing and brick restoration services. If you see missing, crumbling, or cracked brick mortar joints in your masonry walls, you should have them repointed before they cause further severe damage.

Modern Brick's trained masons can expertly and professionally tuckpoint your brick masonry buildings and walls to deal with water damage and infiltration concerns in a single day's work. If the brick walls have become excessively damaged, we may need to replace the damaged brick masonry wall as closely as possible to the existing brick. It is critical to have appropriate mortar joint sealing between the bricks of your wall.
When you find your mortar joints are crumbling, you may need Metro-Detroit tuckpointing and brick restoration. Tuckpointing, also known as repointing, is the process of using masonry tools and mortar to fix hairline cracks, degraded mortar, crumbled mortar, and missing mortar in order to decrease moisture and water penetration. Brick mortar joints that are deteriorating, cracking, or unbonded can allow moisture to accumulate and permeate your brick masonry building, potentially causing damage such as basement flooding and mildew.

The mortar color is matched while tuckpointing to create a seamless wall. If any bricks need to be changed, they will be matched as closely as possible to the existing bricks to maintain the wall's brick and mortar continuity. All of your brick and mortar repairs will be highly visible if your mortar is not properly matched, which is why it is best to have a professional masonry contractor examine your masonry job and offer an estimate.

Request a free on-site inspection and evaluation of your masonry project, as well as a discussion of any difficulties you may be experiencing. All masonry works are done in accordance with Building Code requirements and are backed by a particular guarantee from our firm. To learn more about Michigan Tuckpointing and Brick Repair Services, contact Modern Brick now!


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"We recently had a brick paver patio with built in fire place installed by Shane and his crew. It turned out awesome. Shane was amazing at fully explaining the process and giving his recommendations from his knowledgeable experience. The installation crew, who were not only talented in the art but also kind and courteous. They were careful with my yard, made sure the patio was level and installed proper drainage so water will flow away. The quality of materials and workmanship was outstanding.
Shane was excellent, providing all the necessary project information to us, worked with us as we changed our minds regarding the pizza oven, promptly returned calls, and was professional in solving any challenges. He was open and honest.

If you need any type of brick work make sure you call Shane for a quote. I highly recommend Modern Brick."

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